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Wrinkle Relaxers
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  1. Avoid ingrown hairs
    Laser hair removal helps remove hair from the roots so you’re less likely to experience problems with ingrown hair
  2. No scarring or side-effects
    Both safe and effective, the treatment does not cause scaring or bruising and it can be carried out on any part of the body with no worry
  3. Enjoy lasting results
    The effects of hair removal using laser are longlasting with less hair regrowth and no stubble leaving your skin smooth and soft
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Before and after

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Individual Services
Individual Services

How it works

  1. Step 1
    Our gold standard Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal device is placed on the area being treated
  2. Step 2
    Pulses of light are directed at the hair follicles and the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light
  3. Step 3
    The hair is destroyed, inhibiting future growth and leaving you with flawless looking, smooth bare skin
jack nathan MedSpa about us

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