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Discover the transformative power of PRP hair restoration right here in Mississauga, Ontario. Dive into a world where advanced medical treatments meet natural hair regrowth solutions.

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Journey with us as we unveil the secrets of PRP, a treatment that’s changing lives and redefining hair restoration. At the forefront of this revolution is Jack Nathan MedSpa, a trusted name in aesthetic treatments.

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Hair Restoration PRP Treatment

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair Restoration is a cutting-edge treatment that uses the growth factors present in your own blood, known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), to stimulate hair follicles. This natural approach promotes the growth of thicker and healthier hair strands.

What are the benefits of PRP Hair Restoration in Mississauga?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Hair Restoration has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment in the realm of hair regrowth, and for good reasons. Let’s delve into the myriad benefits this innovative procedure offers:

  1. Natural Approach: Unlike other treatments that rely on external chemicals or implants, PRP uses the patient’s own blood, making it a natural and holistic approach to hair restoration.
  2. Stimulates Hair Growth: PRP is rich in growth factors that stimulate the hair follicles, promoting the growth of thicker and healthier hair strands.
  3. Safe and Minimally Invasive: The procedure involves simple blood draws and injections, eliminating the need for surgical interventions. This reduces the risk of complications and ensures a quicker recovery.
  4. Addresses Hair Thinning: Not just for bald patches, PRP is effective in treating overall hair thinning, ensuring a fuller and more voluminous look.
  5. Suitable for Both Men and Women: PRP Hair Restoration is versatile and can be tailored to address hair loss issues in both men and women.
  6. Reduces Breakage and Hair Loss: By strengthening hair follicles and improving scalp health, PRP treatment can reduce hair breakage and prevent premature hair loss.
  7. Cost-Effective in the Long Run: While the initial cost might seem significant, the lasting results of PRP mean fewer treatments in the future, making it a cost-effective solution over time.
  8. Enhanced Hair Texture: Many patients report not just increased hair growth, but also an improvement in hair texture, making it softer and shinier.
  9. Quick Procedure with Minimal Downtime: The entire PRP session can be completed in under an hour, and patients can resume their daily activities almost immediately.
  10. Complementary to Other Treatments: PRP can be combined with other hair growth treatments and products, enhancing their effectiveness.

At Jack Nathan MedSpa, we believe in harnessing the body’s innate healing abilities. Our PRP Hair Restoration treatment is a testament to this belief, offering a solution that is as effective as it is natural. Join the countless individuals who have rediscovered their confidence and the joy of flaunting healthier, fuller hair.

How does PRP Hair Restoration in Mississauga work?


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a cutting-edge procedure that utilizes your body’s own natural healing properties. This innovative treatment is offered by Jack Nathan MedSpa to help clients achieve improved hair growth and rejuvenation



Through the use of PRP, proteins are released that stimulate the growth of specific tissues, enhancing the blood supply to the hair follicle. As a result, clients experience increased hair density and a revitalized appearance


Our team of professionals will monitor your progress and may recommend additional sessions or complementary treatments based on your individual needs. Trust in our expertise to guide you through the journey to healthier, fuller hair

How does World PRP - Hair Restoration work?

What are the steps to PRP® Hair Restoration in Mississauga clinic?

World PRP hair restoration
Reduce and relax crows feet and frown lines

Blood Collection

Our registered nurse will draw 23 mL of whole blood typically from a vein in your arm.

Reduce and relax crows feet and frown lines

Separation of Platelet-Rich Plasma

The whole blood will be added to 2 mL of saline in the PRP concentrator and spun in the centrifuge for 3 minutes to produce your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). That will be used for your hair regrowth.

Reduce and relax crows feet and frown lines

Application of PRP to the Scalp

After the platelets are activated, the PRP solution is carefully injected into the targeted areas of the patient’s scalp using a fine needle. The treatment is quite comfortable, and no numbing or pain management is required.

This helps to ensure that the PRP is delivered precisely to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and improving overall hair health.

Reduce and relax crows feet and frown lines

Post-Treatment Care

Following the PRP Hair Restoration procedure, patients are advised to follow specific aftercare instructions to optimize the results. This may include avoiding certain activities, using recommended hair care products, and returning for follow-up treatments as needed.

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Real Experiences: Reviews from Satisfied Clients

Very nice, knowledgeable and cooperative staff. Provide consulting to choose the best possible option. Ayesha and Rhen are the best. Would highly recommend to everyone looking to rejuvenate the skin with latest and safe technology.

PRP facial, Microneedling, HydraFacial

Aneela Zaib

This is the clinic to go to for laser hair removal and PRP for hair restoration. Nurse Pegah is very detailed and knowledgeable in the services she provides. She never missed a spot! I have done 3 treatments so far and I can see the new growth coming in. Very excited and happy to continue my journey with Jack Nathan.

PRP facial, Laser hair removal

Milan M

Absolutely wonderful. I’ve been going for about a year and have had different treatments. Facilities are modern, clean and bright. Staff is professional and accommodating. Love my experiences here. Would highly recommend!

Laser hair removal

Rose M

My first visit to Jack Nathan Medspa this past week was an experience that I would like to share. I was turning 57 and had been thinking about receiving some treatments but was unsure about it all. I was greeted on my arrival with a welcoming staff member Christine and felt extremely comfortable...

Gina Adamson

I have been coming here for laser hair removal for the past 2 years and have seen amazing results! Both Ayesha and Rhen are very personable and knowledgeable, overall has been an amazing experience!

Laser hair removal

Katrina Street

I don’t often spend precious time writing reviews for various businesses. To be honest, I expect excellence when I pay good money for products or services rendered. The Jack Nathan Health Spa in St. Albert provided a level of service that exceeded my expectations...

Cynthia Madill

I had a great experience right from consultation through to treatment. Ayesha was my consultant. She explained everything in detail and answered all my questions suggesting the right treatment. She was very friendly and professional at the same time...

Mahwish Mansoor

I haven’t treated my skin very well this winter. I decided self-care is a priority for me so I had an amazing Bela facial and micro-needling yesterday which has made my 58 year old skin feel and look dramatically smoother, hydrated and glowy!!

Tatjana Elgersma

Amazing experience! Easy to find location. The most calming feeling in the room and front desk. Clean and reputable. I had micro-needling done with Rf. Felt no pain.

The numbing cream is excellent. Can't wait to get more treatments. So many to choose from. Highly recommended!

Lauren Stone

The staff at Jack Nathan Medspa was nothing short of warm, welcoming and professional, with a strong desire to please. I wanted to lift my cheeks and decrease the laugh line.

They listened to my requests and they delivered the results I needed.

JUVÉDERM treatments

Rebecca Seitz

The staff at Jack Nathan Medspa are wonderful. Ayeesha and Rhen are very informative and will let you know if they recommend an alternative if a specific treatment isn't right for your skin because they are clearly looking out for your best interest!.

I would highly recommend Jack Nathan Medspa to anyone seeking to better their skin. Amazing staff and products.

Tamara Douglas Osbourne

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FAQ related to PRP Hair Restoration

How soon can I expect to see results from PRP hair restoration in Mississauga, and are there any side effects associated with the timeline?

It’s generally recommended that three PRP procedures are carried out as part of the initial treatment. These sessions usually take place at four to six-week intervals. After this initial round of treatment is completed, patients will require a single follow-up session every four to six months to maintain the positive effects of the treatment.

This is because the growth of your hair follicles naturally takes a few months; PRP for hair-loss treatment utilizes your body’s growth factors; therefore, it takes 4-6 months to see noticeable results.

There are no known side effects specifically related to the timeline of treatment outcomes.

What can cause hair loss?

There are a number of potential causes of hair loss which include:

  • Heredity
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medications + Supplements
  • Stress
  • Hair Styles + Treatments
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Radiation Therapy
How is the Hair Restoration treatment in Mississauga tolerated?

The treatment is quite comfortable and no numbing or pain management is required. The nurse, or MD, will draw 23 mL of whole blood, typically from a vein in your arm.

The whole blood will be added to 2 mL of saline in the PRP Concentrator and spun in the centrifuge for 3 minutes to produce your own PRP. The PRP will be manually injected into your scalp using a fine needle.

What are the common side effects of PRP hair treatment in Mississauga clinic?

After treatment you may experience the following mild inflammation, redness and swelling, itching and/or soreness for a few days (2-5): These are common reactions to any injection procedure.

You also may feel firmness in the injection site for a few days post-treatment. This will soften over time.

Is PRP hair treatment safe for everyone?

PRP hair treatment in Mississauga is generally safe for most individuals, but it may not be suitable for those with certain medical conditions, such as bleeding disorders, cancer, or active infections. Consult Jack Nathan MedSpa Mississauga Clinic specialist before undergoing treatment.

How does PRP differ from other hair treatments?

Unlike treatments that rely on external chemicals or surgical interventions, PRP uses your body’s own healing properties. It’s a holistic method that taps into the organic growth factors in your blood to rejuvenate hair follicles.

Is the procedure painful?

The PRP Hair Restoration procedure here at Jack Nathan MedSpa in Mississauga involves drawing a small amount of blood and injecting the PRP into the scalp. While some might feel a slight discomfort during the injections, the procedure is generally well-tolerated. Topical numbing agents can also be used to enhance comfort.

How long does it take to see results?

After your treatment in our Mississauga location, within two weeks of the treatment, there’s usually an enhanced thickness at the hair shaft. However, more visible and measurable results typically appear three to six months after the initial treatment.

Are there any side effects?

PRP Hair Restoration is considered safe since it uses the patient’s own blood. However, as with any injection, there might be minor swelling, bruising, or discomfort at the injection site, which usually subsides quickly.

Why choose Jack Nathan MedSpa in Mississauga for PRP Hair Restoration?

Jack Nathan MedSpa is dedicated to offering top-tier treatments with a focus on patient care and satisfaction. Our team of experts ensures that each patient receives personalized care, making their journey to fuller hair a comfortable and rewarding experience.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions varies based on individual needs. However, many patients see significant improvements after a few sessions, with maintenance treatments recommended annually.

Is PRP Hair Restoration suitable for everyone?

While PRP is effective for many individuals, it’s essential to consult with a specialist to determine if it’s the right treatment for you. Factors like the cause of hair loss, overall health, and medications can influence the treatment’s effectiveness.

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