Double chin

If you’ve been bothered by extra fat deposits under your chin that haven’t gone away with weight loss, this new, non-surgical treatment can help get rid of unwanted fat to contour the face and give you a more defined jawline.

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How it works


The area under the chin is assessed, then a numbing cream is applied and the injection sites are marked. The area is then injected with a prescription medication containing synthesized deoxycholic acid.


The prescription medication targets fat by dissolving the outer covering of the fat cell causing it to burst like a balloon. The fat from the cells is released into the bloodstream and slowly excreted by the body.


Depending on the amount of excess fat being targeted, a number of treatments may be required over a period of weeks until the desired results are achieved. A custom plan can be designed to meet your goals.

chin reduction

Target and dissolve fat under the chin area

This treatment is ideal for both men and women who are bothered by
fullness under the chin and wish to improve their chin profile.

chin reduction
chin reduction


No need for liposuction or surgery

The treatment provides a much less invasive approach as it only destroys the fat cells without injuring the skin and other tissue.

Safe, natural ingredients

The main active ingredient is made of deoxycholic acid, a manmade form of a compound your body naturally makes that helps to absorb fats.

Permanent results

The visible results begin to appear a few weeks after the first session of treatment and are expected to last a lifetime.

chin reduction
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