laser hair removal

Why not say goodbye to all the hassle of temporary hair removal products and instead choose something more lasting. With our quick and effective laser hair removal treatment you can achieve lasting results that will leave you looking great and feeling more confident all the time!

laser hair removal
laser hair removal

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Avoid ingrown hairs

Laser hair removal helps remove hair from the roots so you’re less likely to experience problems with ingrown hair.

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No scarring or side-effects

Both safe and effective, the treatment does not cause scaring or bruising and it can be carried out on any part of the body with no worry.

Enjoy lasting results

The effects of hair removal using laser are long-lasting with less hair regrowth and no stubble leaving your skin smooth and soft.

laser hair removal

Safe and effective for removing
unwanted hair

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and painless way to permanently
remove up to 97% of treated hairs*.

laser hair removal
laser hair removal

How it works

  1. Prep
    The skin is prepped and the hair removal device is positioned on the area being treated.
  2. Treatment
    Pulses of light are directed at the hair follicles so the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light.
  3. Results
    The hair is destroyed, inhibiting future growth, resulting in flawless looking smooth bare skin.
laser hair removal
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*All before and after photographs on our website are examples only, and do not constitute an implied or any other kind of certainty for the result of the procedure. Several treatments may have been performed and other products and procedures may have been used to enhance and improve results. Individual results may vary.