The Benefits of HIFU Facial Treatment

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Are you looking to lift and tighten your skin? Discover HIFU, the non-surgical facelift. HIFU is a non-invasive, ultrasonic facial treatment that uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy to stimulate cells and regenerate/produce more collagen.

HIFU Facial Treatment

 HIFU is used to treat a variety of concerns, including:

Non-Surgical Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction

Prolift HIFU is Health Canada-approved for lifting the skin which is why it is often referred to as a “non-surgical facelift.” The first dermatological use for HIFU was in 2008. This highly sought-after treatment gained FDA approval in 2009 for use in brow lifting and is currently the only treatment on the market that can lift the skin. This is why HIFU is commonly called a non-surgical facelift.

Through high-intensity focused ultrasound, heat is delivered into various layers of the skin at different depths, boosting collagen production. Collagen, an abundant protein in the human body, acts as a glue that holds different tissues together and provides structure to the skin. The increased collagen levels lead to tighter, lifting, firmer skin with reduced wrinkles.

Due to the focused high-frequency ultrasound beams targeting specific tissue sites beneath the skin’s surface, no damage is caused to the skin’s upper layers.

No Downtime/Side Effects

The HIFU treatment is relatively quick. Typically, the client has a topical numbing cream put on the skin before the treatment. This is left on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. The numbing cream is then completely removed before the start of the treatment. For a full face of HIFU after removing the numbing cream, the treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. For a full face and neck treatment, the treatment takes about 60 minutes.

HIFU is considered a safe and effective treatment for tightening and lifting facial tissues as it’s a non-invasive treatment with no downtime. After the HIFU treatment, you may have some slight redness, but this will ease up within a few hours. There are no incisions, scarring, or recovery time required. HIFU is also far more affordable than a facelift.

On-Going/Long-Lasting Results

The results of HIFU will continue to improve over time as the body naturally produces more collagen. 1-6 treatments may be needed to see your desired results, but an improvement is typically visible within three months after the last treatment, as your body naturally regenerates collagen. How quickly you can see results may depend on the nature and severity of your skin laxity.

Depending on the client’s collagen-building process and biological response to ultrasound energy, some people will benefit more from a sequence of treatments 8-12 weeks after the initial HIFU course.

Comfortable Treatment

HIFU Facial Treatment Jack Nathan MedSpa

HIFU is a tolerable/comfortable treatment. At Jack Nathan Medspa, we offer the Prolift HIFU. The Prolift HIFU uses ‘transhole’ technology, significantly decreasing micro-bubble formation during treatment. What this means for you is a more comfortable and effective treatment.

The trans-hole technology allows us to target the skin more precisely with less heat and damage to surrounding tissue. At most, you may experience slight discomfort during a HIFU procedure.

Some people describe it as tiny electric pulses or a light prickly sensation. A recent client described it as follows: As the technician passed the handpiece over my skin and fired the ultrasound beams, it felt hot – not surprisingly as HIFU uses ultrasound energy to target layers of the skin, causing them to heat up rapidly, but the heat wasn’t painful.


HIFU can be used on multiple areas of the body. It can be used on your face, neck, chin, jaw, and chest/décolletage. HIFU is also suitable for all skin tones and skin types with no limitations.

Face: HIFU tightens and lifts the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This includes lifting the eyebrows, frown lines and crowfeet, cheek lifting and nasolabial folds.

Neck: HIFU tightens and lifts a sagging neck, creating a more refined appearance.

Chin/Jaw: HIFU tightens and lifts your chin, reducing the look of double chins and jowls. This will contour/tone the jaw.

Chest: HIFU will tighten and smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the chest, creating a youthful look.

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Overall, HIFU is a highly effective option for those who don’t want the risks and recovery time associated with a facelift surgery but are looking to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin. Through collagen production, this treatment’s results are ongoing and long-lasting. With no downtime and minimal side effects, HIFU is a safe treatment for any skin tone.

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